Pretty home things

My apartment is very manly–well, like a bachelor pad. Why you ask? Because I moved in with a man and his place (now ours) was already decorated. It’s been a little less than two years since I’ve lived here and I need a touch of feminity. I need to make the place pop a bit. We don’t have big windows, or a porch or balcony, no plants can really grow because we’re not facing the correct direction for sunlight. Kinda sad. So, I’m lusting after other goods to make my home prettier. Here are a few (some beyond my budget, some I’m eyeing):

Where to find the goods:
Succulant planter–Made by me; how to coming this weekend!
Linen Corigan Chair–Anthropologie $over 1000 = too much!
Cooled Globe Base–Anthropologie  $298 –> HaHaHa seriously?

Silver Martini Side Table–West Elm   $129
Silk Bullseye Pillows–West Elm $34


About foxinsoxza

Just a gal who loves nature, cooking, the flavors of life, art, culture, and whimsical design!
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